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Newton Heat Treating was founded in 1968 and has been providing expert services to the Aerospace, Automotive and Commercial Industries for over 50 years. A full-service Aluminum Heat Treating specialist, we work to your exact specifications on every type of aluminum alloy and form, from small rivets to large forgings and castings.

Service and Quality at Competitive Prices

Newton Heat Treating offers its customers fantastic service, on-time delivery, quality, and a competent staff unmatched in our industry. Our decades of processing experience and equipment are well-suited to the task and enable us to provide very competitive pricing.


Newton Heat Treating leads the way in emerging technologies with processes such as Cold Stabilization / Uphill Quenching, that can provide a real solution to control movement of all aluminum alloys during machining.
Newton Heat Treating was one of the first heat treaters to use polymer quenching and took the product from the experimental stages to full production use on all of its air furnaces. Our systematic approach to managing residual stresses and its controls over this process utilizing X-Ray diffraction are second to none in the Aluminum Heat Treating Industry.


We are NADCAP and ISO 9001/AS9100 fully accredited. By meeting the rigorous requirements of these standards, you can be assured that your product will be consistently processed to the highest degree of quality while meeting your delivery needs.

Quality Policy

Newton Heat Treating provides leadership, training and necessary resources to continuously meet or exceed our customers’ requirements for Quality and on time delivery. This is accomplished through continual improvement of our Quality Management System, our people, and our processes.

Pioneering Services

Heat Treated Parts

Heat Treating

Newton Heat Treating is a leading aluminum heat treatment expert serving customers nationwide. We have four primary methods of quenching from air furnaces - glycol, cold water, hot water, and spray.

Cold Stabilization on Aluminum Alloys by Newton Heat Treating

Cold Stabilization

Cold stabilization is a cyclic thermal shock process which is used to reduce the detrimental effects of residual stresses on aluminum alloys

Aluminum Parts that have undergone thermal cycling

Thermal Cycling

Thermal cycling is a controlled process of cycling through two temperature extremes at controlled rates. Parts and components that are used in space applications are often treated through this process.

Aluminum Parts that have been straightened


During heating and quenching, a lot of mechanical deformation and stresses manifest on the parts, which often warp beyond acceptable tolerances. So, straightening services are necessary to bring the parts back within acceptable ranges.

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Quality and service unmatched in our industry.