COVID-19 Response

Updated 7/12/2020

As COVID-19 cases increase in Los Angeles County, Newton Heat Treating is taking steps to mitigate risks to our organization.  Below are some of the steps we are taking.

  • We have enacted several internal policies in order to keep our employees safe and healthy.  This includes but is not limited to:
    • Increased cleaning of commonly touched surfaces
    • Physical distancing where possible
    • Where physical distancing is not possible, limiting the number of people in areas is being enforced
    • Physical separation of personnel who perform similar functions.
    • Temperature checks of personnel
    • Increased allowed sick leave days
    • Allow temporary leave without penalty
    • Wearing face coverings is mandatory as of 4/10/2020 and is strictly enforced.
  • Visitors are not allowed at our facility for non-essential business.
  • Inventory levels of supplies that support our processes were evaluated to be ample.  We have also ordered additional inventory to ensure that we can operate for an extended period should supplies become unavailable from our suppliers.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this matter.  Please stay safe and healthy.  We're in this together.